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prof.dr. Admir Mašić

Admir Masic is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the 
Faculty Fellow in the Center for Materials Research in Archaeology and Ethnology at MIT.
The Masic Lab @ MIT investigates the nanochemomechanics of mineralization and biomineralization 
processes of materials ranging from construction materials to archeological and biological materials. With research projects that span from Roman concrete to modern Portland cement, from 
nacre to kidney stones, from ancient colors to Dead Sea scrolls, the goal of The Masic Lab is to translate 
the fundamental knowledge gained in the lab into real-world applications for a sustainable future. 
 Professor Masic is the founder and faculty director of the MIT Refugee Action Hub (MIT ReACT), an initiative he launched in 
2017 when the challenge of refugee education was presented at MIT SOLVE. Drawing on MIT’s strengths 
in global impact and educational innovation, ReACT’s mission is to design and deliver new learning 
opportunities for refugees and forcibly displaced populations worldwide.
Prof. Masic received a Master of Science degree in Inorganic Chemistry and a PhD in Physical Chemistry from 
the University of Turin in Italy.


Speciality:Vanredni profesor na Massachusetts Institute of Technology SAD

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